Stroke Risk Assessment

Stroke is the number four killer in Hong Kong and is also the commonest cause of physical disability. Diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterol, smoking, obesity, lack of exercises and atrial fibrillation are some of the risk factors of stroke.

Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA) is an artificial intelligence system that can assess the stroke risk through retinal photos and retinal vessels structure analysis. Scientific research show that its sensitivity is as high as 95%.1 It only takes 10 minutes to finish this assessment if clear retinal photos can be taken under non-dilated state. If the pupils are too small, it takes about 30 minutes to finish with the instillation of dilating eye drops. Non-invasive, free of side effects, fast and accurate are the main advantages of this system. Other information are as follows:

1. Zee B., Lee J., Li Q., Mok V., Kong A., Chiang L.K., Ng L., Zhuo Y., Yu H., Yang Z. “Stroke risk assessment for the community by automatic retinal image analysis using fundus photograph, Quality in Primary Care (2016) 24 (3): 114-124

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