Children Eye Exam

Procedures of checking eyes with small children are quite different to those with adults. Small kids are unable to express themselves clearly, optometrists usually will use many objective tests to examine the prescription and health of their eyes. Furthermore, as the attention span of children is limited, optometrists will focus more on the parents' chief complaints and use a problem-based approach to check the children eyes. If the children are very cooperative, we will try our best to finish all the procedures in comprehensive eye exam.

The following will show the eye examination tools and equipment specialised in children eye exam in our eyecare centre:

We suggested children should perform the first comprehensive eye exam at aged 6 months to 1 for ruling out congenital eye problems such as strabismus, anisometropia and lazy eyes. From aged 2 to 18, comprehensive eye exam should be performed annually to ensure both eyes are developing normally. If parents discovered their small kids have some strange symptoms relating to their eyes, our eyecare centre can offer eye examination to children starting from 6 months of age. Feel free to contact us for further enquiries.

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