Are you using the progressive lenses correctly?

Using progressive lenses is one of the commonest way to treat reading difficulties caused by aging, but they may pose a challenge especially for first time wearer, the following is the tips of how to use them correctly:

1) Do not tilt you head too downwards when reading with progressive lenses. Instead, turn your eyes down and see through the bottom part of the lenses to read.

2) In contrast, remember to tilt your head down and look through the upper part of the lenses when walking down stairs. The staircases will become blurred if you look through the bottom part of the lenses and therefore causing fall easily.

3) When looking the objects at the sides, remember to point you nose towards the object you want to see. Objects will become a bit blurred if you look through both sides of the lenses.

If you have done all the points listed above, you still find that the progressive lenses are unable to give you comfortable and clear vision, you should consult the optometrist you have seen again and see what is the problem.

Chan Ka Ho, Paco
Registered Optometrist (Part I)

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